Properties of the Lamb HASS avocado

Its smooth taste and butter texture, its skin is thick with rough texture.

It has an oval shape and weights from 250 to 350 gr, it has a dark green color that turns black when it matures.


La variedad de aguacate Lamb Hass proviene de una semilla seleccionada de una polinización cruzada de “Gwen” (nieta de “Hass”), “Lam/Hass”.

They stand out because both the fruit and the seed are relatively large, with a joint weight of about 320 gr.


Characteristics of Lamb HASS Avocado

Main Features of Lamb HASS Avocado: Oval shape, rough skin, medium bone and large size.

Oval shape

Rough skin

Pip M

Large size

Main presentations of our “Lamb Hass” avocados

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Avocado Hass | Nature Tasty

1st Category Avocado Available formats:

  • 4 kg box of avocado in green
  • 4 kg box of pre-ripened avocado

Avocado Hass | Diamond Tasty

1st Category Avocado Traditional Agriculture. Ready to eat. Available formats:

  • 4 kg box
  • 2, 3 and 4 piece trays

Avocado Hass | Tropicates

Traditional Agriculture Avocado Standard category Available formats:

  • 4 kg box
  • 1 or 2 kg mesh