Spain, our home

With our effort and knowledge acquired, the purpose of always giving our best is born. Production and wholesale distribution of avocado and mango from Spain to the whole world.

Taking advantage of the privileged conditions of our environment, we give life to our crops, on the Mediterranean coast of the province of Castellón , we have water and land of extraordinary quality.

In Nature Tasty, we have own fields , and we have farmers and suppliers committed to the quality and care of the fruit, which are committed to the most up-to-date innovation, always hand in hand with the traditional.

We work varieties such as Hass, Lamb Hass always of the best quality. Both Traditional cultivation, as Bio and Ecological.

Spain, our home
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Our commitment

We seek and value the natural, respect for fruit and quality, which is only achieved by combining tradition, with innovation.

We are committed to people, farmers are part of our team. We take care of our fields with care to bring all their flavor to each home.

Taking care of our customers and farmers is our main objective.

We are taste, quality and guarantee, we are Nature Tasty.

Quality and flavour

Con el propósito de dar siempre lo mejor, producimos nuestra propia fruta en la costa del mediterráneo (Castellón) y contamos con agricultores de nuestra zona para ofrecer la mejor selección de temporada, clasificándolas por su peso, calibre, calidad y estado óptimo de maduración.

We carry out a rigorous monitoring and control of the fruit and its quality parameters.

We promote innovation and the economic-social engine, sharing knowledge.Only in this way we achieve a strong and sustainable value chain, obtaining a fresh and ready to eat product.

At Nature Tasty, we are committed to offering the highest quality to our customers.

Quality all year round - NatureTasty
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Get to know us

A common objective between farmers and suppliers unites us, to satisfy the most demanding consumers, surprising them with a healthy experience.

We are dedicated to the production, import and export of avocado and mango of the highest quality.


Our objetive

At Nature Tasty we aim at business excellence achieving the maximum innovation and professionalization of the agri-food sector .
Thanks to our team, our experience and our associated farmers, we are a company that operates in international markets, competing successfully.
Our mission is to guarantee farmers fair marketing, and consumers the best Mangoes and Avocados.

Location and climate data

Our production is located on the coast of Castellón , located in the Comunidad Valenciana is the main production area.

Our situation is privileged, between the mountain and the sea, with an average annual temperature of 17.5º. Castellón has a very mild climate without extreme temperatures.

Another characteristic feature of the Castellón climate is that the city has more than 300 days of sunshine per year, that is, about 2,689 hours of sunshine per year.

Due to its proximity to the sea and the natural barrier of the mountains that protect it from strong winds, this region of the Valencian Community has become the ideal space to guarantee the quality of tropical fruits such as Avocado and the Mango .

Location and climate data | NatureTasty

In Nature Tasty we produce avocado and mango and distrubite them through all the world

Our production área in Spain is located in the coas of Castellón, and the Valencian Community. This stategic location, allows us offering to our clientes different varieties of Avocado and Mango in the European continent during the local season.

Avocado distribution map

In Nature Tasty we want to provide the best genre to our customers so that their elaborations have an excellent flavor and satisfy the final consumer.

Choosing a good distributor is essential to have a quality raw material and to ensure the safety of the food you offer in your business.

We work for professionals, to whom we deliver our fruit with maximum freshness. We put at the disposal of our clients Delicious seasonal fruits.

We care about choosing the best product of the highest quality, trying to ensure that they are in their perfect state of maturity to satisfy our customers.

Our commitment is based on punctuality and seriousness, we deliver all our orders as quickly as possible.

We are dedicated exclusively to the sale and distribution of avocados, oil, natural cosmetics and avocado-based products.What makes us aware of where and how to buy the best product at the best price.

Contact us and you will enhance the taste of your dishes.

Our farmers and staff

Our farmers are the most important part for us because we have established strong bonds of trust and cooperation for years.

We have the best agricultural professionals, who produce and collect taking into account the quality fees of Nature Tasty , in order to satisfy the consumer and meet the established quality requirements.

Good working conditions and the payment of a fair price to our Farmers are essential for Nature Tasty .

Our goal is to contribute with our farmers in local economic and social development.

Our farmers and staff Nature Tasty
Production team NatureTasty

Production team

It is the team in charge of classifying and packaging the fruit in any type of packaging demanded by the consumer.

In Nature Tasty we specialize in recyclable containers.

commercial department NatureTasty

commercial department

It is in permanent contact with the market, that allows us to know exactly the needs of customers and consumers.

Ensuring our customers a high quality supply and stability throughout the year without stock breakage and respecting the environment.

Technical NatureTasty


They study what techniques are going to be applied based on the qualities of each plantation, in a way that allows us to maximize the production yield. And thus advise the producers, ensuring the quantity and quality of the product.

Management Team Nature Tasty

Management Team

It is the key team for financial management and control. They are responsible for good administration and coordination between the producer and the customer. So that the result of the management is as flexible and effective as possible.

Our farmers - Nature Tasty

Our farmers

We have the best agricultural professionals, so that they produce and collect taking into account the indications and quality standards that Nature Tasty indicates, in order to satisfy the consumer and comply with the required quality requirements.

We are committed to our farmers with mutual cooperation, jointly seeking ways to improve the quality of our products. Before each harvest the fruits are checked to ensure that they meet our high quality levels. Like this we ensure the greatest flavor in our harvest.

Good working conditions and paying a fair price to our Farmers is essential for Nature Tasty . Our goal is to contribute in the country of origin of our farmers in economic and social development.

Our farmers are the most important part for us because we have established strong bonds of trust and cooperation for years. In search of the highest possible quality of our products.

We all form Nature Tasty

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