Data sheet HASS avocado Nature Tasty.

Properties of HASS Avocado

An avocado with a creamy texture and its flavor is intense hazelnut. O favorito da maioria.

It has yellow flesh, it is small, rough and dark skinned.
Hass avocado is the most consumed and cultivated.
It peels easily, its oil content fluctuates between 18 to 22%.
It is easy to eat and simple to prepare, perfect for those who want to take care of themselves.


The origin of this variety is purely casual, in 1925 Rudolh Hass planted several avocado seeds of which only one of them survived, which was grafted with the strong variety.

Years later, when the tree began to bear its first fruits with rough skin, something strange for that time. Its delicious flavor made it extremely popular.

In 1935 Rudoph Hass applied for the patent and partnered with the Harold Brokaw nursery for cultivation. The Hass variety represents 75% of world production per day.


HASS Avocado Characteristics

Main Characteristics of the HASS Avocado: Oval Shape, Rough skin, small or medium bone and medium or large size.

Oval shape

Rough skin

Pip S/M

Medium to Large Size

Main presentations of our “Hass” avocados

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Avocado Hass | Nature Tasty

1st Category Avocado Available formats:

  • 4 kg box of avocado in green
  • 4 kg box of pre-ripened avocado

Avocado Hass | Diamond Tasty

1st Category Avocado Traditional Agriculture. Ready to eat. Available formats:

  • 4 kg box
  • 2, 3 and 4 piece trays

Avocado Hass | Tropicates

Traditional Agriculture Avocado Standard category Available formats:

  • 4 kg box
  • 1 or 2 kg mesh